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By downloading video content at our website you agree and are legally bound to the terms of this license agreement. The use of these backgrounds is subject to a legal agreement between you (Licensee) and Finding Footage.

Royalty-Free License : 

Our Royalty-Free License applies to both free and paid clips (Including packages). 

After you download the clip, you can use it and modify it anyway you like and in as many projects you want. License applies commercial and non-commercial use and grants you for lifetime use.

There are no limitations or restrictions on where you can distribute and publish your work (e.g. Youtube (include monetization), Zoom Recording, Webinars, online streaming and broadcast etc.)



Royalty-Free License overview:

  • Use in as many projects as you like

  • You can edit the clip(s) in any way you like

  • You may use and publish the clip(s) worldwide and on any platform, including web, broadcast, shows, theatre, apps, and games

  • You may NOT redistribute or sell the clip(s) in their original form (e.g. making the clip available as a stock clip for download on another website)



Downloading our video loop pack gives you the right to use the video loops however you want, and you don’t have to provide credit. However, you’re not allowed to upload the footage as a stock clip to any other site nor Do not sell the video loops.

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