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Frequently asked


  • Can I insert these clips to PowerPoint as moving backgrounds ?
    Yes. You can. Its very simple process too, just ike adding to Zoom. Here is a quick tutorial on How to :
  • How do I add video to Zoom virtual screen ?
    Its very simple, just choose virtual background from the setting and you done. Here is a quick tutorial for that :
  • Do the clips works with Adobe preimier ?
    Yes. The clips will work in any NLE editing software. No need any covertion before use it. Work with Adobe preimier, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Avid and etc...
  • Are the clips loopable ?
    Yes. 100% loopable
  • Can I upload the clips to YouTube and monotized my content ?
    Fast answer is - Yes. Please do some modifaction and not just upload it as is since Youtube alogryithm can mark you as a content Id violation
  • How to convert clips for differnt resolutions ?
    We give you a link to download high qaulity 4K content. Most of the platfrom will convert you clip automaticly when uploading. If you still need to make some costumaztuin you can do it with the FREE software -
  • Can I purchese individual clips ?
    Yes. just browse the clollection and add to cart each clip you need.
  • What if I want 50 or 100 differnt clips from the collection ?
    We can do that for you. Simple create a cart or wishlist and contact us before payment. we will give you the boudle deal with your chosen clips.
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