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4K Animated Moving Backgrounds | Lights Bokeh Particles Video Background

4K Animated Moving Backgrounds | Lights Bokeh Particles Video Background

4K Cascading Particles Video Background 


Download our 4K Cascading Particles Video Background for a mesmerizing display of dancing particles that makes any screen hard not to look at.


Fully multipurpose and versatile, these visual backgrounds can be used for presentations, youtube videos, Zoom virtual backgrounds, and much more. Get creative with these VJ loops, 2160P stock video, and that too at a very economical price. 


You can use this video motion graphic as the background to any youtube video, Live Streaming, PowerPoint presentation, website, or virtual zoom calls and everyone will be in awe of the beauty in this cinematic graphic!


Have you been looking for a high-resolution, eye-catching, and versatile video background?

Well, look no further as your hunt ends right here. Get our hands on our royalty-free, 4k creative visual background video that has smoothly transitioning particles and lines and an aesthetically pleasing colors.



Key Features :


  • Fully loopable

  • Digitally rendered - 4K - 2160P - AFX

  • Background 30FPS / 00:29  / H.264

  • Royalty-Free - For Personal and Commercial use

  • Perfect for Zoom virtual background presentations, website video background, youtube monetization and more


Download and enjoy your new animated moving background and make any background animation cinematically dramatic with our 4K Cascading Particles Video Background defocused lights and download yours now!



Our colorful visuals particles video background with beautiful lines or particles video backgrounds can also be used as worship video background for long projection and/or video meditation since every clip is fully loopable, meaning you can use it for 20-30 seconds or 1 hour with smooth extra long playing.



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  • Properties :

    • Digitally rendered - 4K - 2160P - AFX
    • Background 30FPS / 00:29  / H.264
    • Royalty Free - For Personal and Commercial use.
    • Perfect for Zoom virtual background presentations, website video background, youtube and more.
  • Clip ID :


  • License :

    After you download the clip, you can use it and modify it anyway you like and in as many projects you want. License applies commercial and non-commercial use and grants you for lifetime use.

    There are no limitations or restrictions on where you can distribute and publish your work (e.g. Youtube (include monetization), Zoom Recording, Webinars, online streaming and broadcast etc.).

    Downloading our video loop pack gives you the right to use the video loops however you want, and you don’t have to provide credit. However, you’re not allowed to upload the footage as a stock clip to any other site nor Do not sell the video loops.


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  • Technicals :

    • Recommended for Videographers, Editors, Youtubers, VJ's, DJ's, New Media Artists, Led screen and etc.

    • You will need VLC / BSPLAYER / QuickTime / Mediaplayer - in order to watch the clips.

    • Easily downscale to 1080p or 720p for lowerspeed computers as lower internet connection as clip is 16:9 aspect ratio.

    • Visuals loops are perfect for : Arkaos, Grand Vj, Resolume, Visual Jockey, arena, avenue, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and more...

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