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How to Improve Your Stock video Editing and Stock Footage Post Production Workflow with the new Loupedeck+(plus)

How to Improve Your video Editing and Post Production Workflow with the new Loupedeck+(plus)

Being a curator & an editor for Stock video Footage Requires from you to work super fast and super precise.

Stock video editing and grading is about speed working but with good results . You need to cut, trim, speed, grade and render as a mass operation.

There are hundreds of clips on my timeline, many hours and tons of GBs of endless data on my hard drive. Working and editing with just a mouse is the probably the slowest method.

I needed a tool to help speed up and improve the efficiency of my video editing workflow, and then I discovered Loupedeck+.


What is Loupedeck+?

Loupedeck+ is a compact keyboard console designed for use with the most-used video editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a plug-and-play device that connects to your computer or laptop via USB, providing a simple setup process.

Once connected, Loupedeck allows you to streamline your video editing workflow by placing controls at your fingertips rather than your mouse.

Instead of navigating through a cluttered user interface, you can perform common tasks using the various dials and buttons on the Loupedeck console. This offers numerous advantages for editing stock footage, including more precision, control, and convenience.


You Get Precise Editing with Convenient Shortcuts

The dials and buttons on the Loupedeck console act as keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can adjust the tint, temperature, or saturation of the video by simply turning a dial.

The mechanical inputs on the Loupedeck device offer a tactile, responsive feel. The quality of these inputs offers precise editing for fine-tuning various settings. You can slowly and accurately tweak the video contrast, clarity, or any other detail by adjusting one of the knobs.

There is also a large dial with smooth control that can be mapped to any setting that you regularly adjust. You may use it easily scroll through a timeline or switch between stock video footage.

Customize the Buttons and Dials to Suit Your Workflow

The various dials and buttons on the keyboard console are fully customizable. While there is a standard preset list, you can change any of the buttons. If there is a specific setting that you use frequently, you can map it to one of the buttons on the console.

The bottom line is that Loupedeck+ is a valuable tool for any video editor. You can save time and frustration by placing commonly-used settings within the reach of your fingertips. You can customize the dials and buttons to suit your needs and streamline the way that you edit videos.


Loupedeck+ is Now Available on Amazon for $249.00 (with more than 60 product positive reviews)


By findingfootage February 21, 2019